Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and how will I be notified about the start of the season?

A: We will email members one week before the first pickup to let you know we're starting and confirm your pickup location.

Q: What if I need to cancel my subscription part-way through the season?

A: If you decide to cancel your share we will refund the entire or remaining cost of your share less the $50 deposit. 

Q: Can I change my pickup place?

A: Yes, but only once per season to avoid confusion. If you need to change the location of your pickup, give us a call at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make sure we have your share in the right location. 

Q: : What if I go on vacation?

A: You can always let a friend pick up your share, but please notify us in advance. Alternatively, you can come and pick your share up on the farm on an alternate day-- just give us a call and we can arrange something

Q: How much food is in a share?

A: The value of the share averages $25 weekly over the course of the season and will consist of usually 5-7 items per week.

Over the course of the season there will be times when we have less variety of produce, ie. spring and late fall. During these times you may reiceve less items and larger quantities of what is available. But don't worrie! During the peak of the season we will make up for that by increasing the number of items and quanitity in your weekly share with the bountiful abundance that high summer and early fall provide. 

Q: What if I don't know what to do with some types of veggies?

A: Every week, we'll use a section of our newsletter to fill you in on the less common vegetables and share some ideas and recipes for how to prepare them. If you try them and don't like them, or just don't think you will have time to experiment, you can trade in some vegetables for others that are available at the Local Source market (this option is not available at the Shambhala Centre pickup). 

Q: How often will I receive supplemental items such as fruits and eggs?

A: These items are very seasonal and dependent on supply-- so no promises! They will be provided occasionally, if available, usually one or two weeks per month. Supplemental items may also be used to complement your share if there happen to be weeks when vegetable selection is limited ( or in case of weather-related crop failure).  This is our way of ensuring that you receive the full value of your share even if conditions do not permit the expected abundance of vegetables.

Q: What is the delivery fee?

A: There is a weekly delivery fee of $3.00 allowing us to keep transportation costs managable. If you are picking up your share at the farm, this fee dose not apply and will be deducted from your share cost.

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