Market Gardening Internship

Every year, Anna takes on an intern through the SOIL (Stewards of Irreplacable Land) program. The purpose of the SOIL program is to encourage the growth of sustainable agriculture, expose apprentices to a rural lifestyle and assist the farmer with the necessary support required to run their organization. 

Interns who apprentice on HighLand farm learn all of the ins and outs of owning and operating a market garden using sustainable practices. In addition to learning how to prep and maintain land, grow vegetable crops and market successfully, interns experience all of the other aspects of the farm that make it a more sustainable system. This includes using a draft horse, making hay, hauling and cutting firewood, milking goats, making ferments and preserves, cooking seasonally, and living within our means. Anna makes every effort to share information and teach what she knows about farming methods and best practices, and provides an extensive library for the intern's use. Apprentices on Anna's part of the farm are also free to learn from Alex and attend the occasional permaculture design lecture. Room and board are included-- a room is available in the house during colder months and a small cabin is provided for the warmer season. Interns who are able to stay a minimum of 6 months are preferred. A small monthly stipend is also included.

Please visit the SOIL web site to learn more about the internship program. 

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